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27 February 2009 @ 07:51 pm
SO im really nervous  
 I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (ok you get the point right) want to get on varsity monday is the first day of tryouts and then we find out at the end of wen or the begging of thur so im really nervous but im sure itll be fine if im on jv since the coach should be cool too (but im keeping my fingers crossed XD) 

lols so other then that today i volunteered at a food center and organized cans with my key club it was actually pretty fun XD and im getting along with one of my friends again and we've been on and off fighting so thats really cool XD 

oh and (even though i didnt have my glasses on DX) i saw the guy i like's abs XD when he was in the process of taking off his sweat shirt lols yay for me XD hes sooooooooo cute XD but i bet he dosent like me DX oh well its not like anyone really does any ways >n> *emofaiz

god i forgot how much i loved this place i really missed you guys 

that and im CRAVING zutara whats going on with the remake thing are we really doing it right XD any thing important thats happend that i should know about? any really good fanfics come out?

well guess thats it really 

ps omg korean guys are soooo fucking hot XD yummy XD imgres.jpg i love him sooooo much XD 

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Zula: :Dfirequeen_azula on March 1st, 2009 06:01 pm (UTC)
ya i know it sucked but i guess everythings cooled down so its all good XD

80 really XD im sooooo excited for this man i know its going to be good yay